Breaking news : Master Hedi Mhirsi, 8th Dan visiting Blue Tigers Judo

We are very honoured to welcome Master Hedi Mhirsi, 8th Dan, Olympic referee and former president of the Tunisian judo federation and treasurer of the Judo African Union.

Master Hedi shall attend and lead Tiger classes on Wednesday 15th of Jan and Saturday 19th of Jan.

What we believe in
Classical Martial Arts teachings or the only path to balance strength and wisdom

Winter Judo Camp
Ju Jitsu – Self defence
21 dec till 4rth of Jan 2020

Age Group
10– 18 years old
Monday Wednesday Saturday from 10 am to 11:30 am.
QAR 55 per hour - QAR 83 per session
Activity Floor - Tower 15 Porto Arabia - Pearl
From Saturday 21/12 till Saturday 04/01/2020

Who we are?

We are a non for profit organization composed of a group of former judo practitioners and parents who wish to promote and make possible the practice of judo to the West Bay/North Doha community.

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What is Judo?

Judo is a traditional defensive Japanese martial art.  which does not incorporate any punch or kick and focuses on educational teachings as an integral part of the trainings.

Judo was created as a physical, mental and moral pedagogy in Japan by Jigorō Kanō in 1882.

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This is how we (Ju)DO it

Let us take you to what you or your child will benefit from our judo classes

Genuine Classic Judo

In line with the standards of the International Judo Federation.

Qualified Coaches

All our coach are certified and operate in coordination with Qatar Judo Federation

multi-level classes

We provide classes and belt exams preparation for all age group and technical levels.

Educational oriented

We focus on the educational dimension of Judo as the cornerstone of our trainings.

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Posts from our Blog

Le Courage dans le Judo
May 11, 2022

Le courage est une valeur fondamentale du judo et une des composantes de son code moral. Anis G., Badis B. et Moussa C. nous presentent aujourd'hui ce qu'est pour eux le courage.

La Modestie dans le Judo
May 5, 2022

Le code moral du judo comporte sept valeurs : la politesse, le courage, la sincérité, l’honneur, la modestie, le respect, le contrôle de soiet l’amitié. Ahmed et Billel nous presentent aujourd'hui ce que represente pour eux la modestie dans le judo et dans leur vie de tout les jours.

Japon et Soft Power
April 24, 2022

Le Japon doit sa grandeur à son fondateur, L'empereur Jimmu qui le 11 fevrier 660 av J.C fonde le Japon, qui est un archipel entre la mer du Japon et l'océan pacifique. Le Japon est un pays qui couve une culture et une histoire plurimillenaire, il connait notamment un succès important dans le monde dans différents domaines qui fascinent le monde entier. Dans cet article d'Ibrahim et Wacim explorent les capacite de soft power du Japon.

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